Usage Terms And Conditions Agreement

Usage Terms And Conditions Agreement

Item One: Definitions.

EMedGate is an electronic service that allows health associations and training centers to publish their activities and make it easy to register for health practitioners. Provides a platform on the site where associations and training centers can list ticket prices for conferences, workshops, lectures, outlet, and other services.

The second item: controls, terms, and conditions of the user of the platform:

These terms and conditions represent a formal agreement between EMedGate platform and the customers using the EMedGate platform, which is a technology platform to connect service providers with customers who wish to receive the service. Customers will be able to contact the service providers to request services. According to the platform.

Any use by you of the services provided by the EMedGate Platform constitutes your consent to this contract and its terms and accordingly, you should not use the platform if you do not agree with the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

EMedGate reserves the right to modify or change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, and it is your responsibility as a user of the Platform to review the terms and conditions of use periodically to see updates to these terms and conditions through More on how to use EMedGate for information provided to us by the platform users.

Item Three:

The application guarantees to the customer that all service providers have issued a valid license to allow them to provide and offer their services through the service, all issued by the official authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
But the application is not responsible for the expiration of the licenses and the subsequent non-renewal.

Item Four:

The application ensures that the data and information provided by the service provider are not modified or changed, and the client has the freedom to choose what he wants. The customer is responsible for the services he chooses, and the responsibility of the service provider in the data and information provided by the service provider.

Item Five: 

The EMedGate service displays the services provided by the service provider. The service is a template in which the service providers offer their services, and the customer chooses what suits him.
Therefore, the application confirms that the contract is direct between the customer and the service provider, and the application is not responsible for any service that violates the provisions of Islamic law or the provisions of the system and is not responsible for the prices and information offered by the service provider.

Item Six:

The service shall not be liable for breach of any part of the contract, whether in violation of the specified date or price displayed on the site or application or any breach or mistake in the application of the contract and agreement between the customer and the service provider.

Item Seven: Access to Services:

  1.  You are not a competitor, nor do you provide any competing product for the services provided by EMedGate.
  2. That you have full power and authority to contract and that you will not be in violation of any law or contract, and that you do not have any case law or arrest warrants or claims by the security authorities.

Item Eight: Pledges and Guarantees:

You acknowledge and warrant that you will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide correct and accurate information to EMedGate.
  • Review and Responsibilities for any Addressed Through EMedGate with respect to your use of the services provided by the EMedGate standard.
  • The service or platform will not be used to cause harm, harassment, or disturb someone.
  • You agree to exchange information between companies within the platform with respect to your transactions and evaluate your transactions.
  • Will not impede proper operation of the EMedGate platform.
  • You will not attempt to damage the Service or Platform in any way.
  • The platform or other content will not be copied or distributed without the written permission of EMedGate.
  • You will keep your account password or any identification device we provide to you and provide access to your account, securely and confidentially.
  • EMedGate may refuse to provide the service or use the platform without giving reasons.

Item Nine: Scope of License:

EMedGate grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable and irrevocable license to obtain platform services solely for your personal use (not for any commercial purposes, but not limited to) under this contract, so you must:

  • Not providing, leasing, leasing, assigning, reselling, distributing or sublicensing such services to any third party.
  • Do not modify, abbreviate, translate, summarize, create sub-works based on decompile, reverse engineer the design of the EMedGate platform or otherwise identify or attempt to identify or attempt to access the source code, the interior design of the Services or any text, Multimedia images (images, audios, videos), data or other information provided by EMedGate or third party service providers.
  • Do not delete, alter, or otherwise modify any copyright or other official notices contained in the Services.
  • Do not intentionally transfer, distribute services, or allow the upload of services for use other than as specified herein.
  • Do not allow the sharing of the username/password or other access credentials for authentication to EMedGate services.

Item Ten: Intellectual Property Rights:

All intellectual property rights to this platform and all related or appearing materials (including any content that you submit or include and the entire content uploaded on the platform by EMedGatethe ) are property of EMedGate, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and may not be disposed of Property as you like. You must not reproduce or allow anyone, for any reason, to use or reproduce the Services or any trademarks or other trade names appearing in the Services.

And any use of the logo or service name without the written permission of the owners of the mark constitutes a violation of the property rights

Item Eleven: Payment:

EMedGate reserves the right to impose new fees on the use of the platform or service, or both. If you decide to cure a new charge, you will be notified and you will be allowed to continue or terminate the contract.


  1. Payment: Your purchase order issuer is an authorization from us or any third party that specializes in electronic payments to debit the value of purchases from your credit or debit card balance. We accept payment under:
  • Credit card or debit card.
  1. How to refund:

For tickets purchased, we will refund them in full if the conference, workshop or lecture is canceled. This is done within 30 days of submission of the return notice.

Item Twelve: Redemption and Cancellation:

For vouchers purchased, we will refund them in full:

  1. For tickets purchased, we will refund them in full if the conference, workshop or lecture is canceled. This is done within 30 days of submission of the return notice.


Item Thirteen: Compensation:

By agreeing to the Terms of Use and use of the Platform or Service, you agree to defend and EMedGate hold its affiliates, licensors, officers, officers and other users, employees, attorneys and agents harmless from any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses Fees and attorneys' fees) arising from or related to:

  1. Your violation or breach of any of these Terms of Use or any applicable law or regulations, whether referred to in these Terms and Conditions of Use or not.
  2. Your violation of any third-party rights, including service providers regulated by the Platform.
  3. Your use or misuse of the platform or service.

In no event shall we, our parent company, affiliates, affiliates, directors, directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, subcontractors or licensors - whether on a claim or claim in the contract, damage, negligence, breach of legal duty or breach of these Terms of Use - Loss of profits, loss of data, information, malfunction, financial loss or any special, indirect or incidental damages even if we, subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents, employees, licensors, suppliers or subcontractors have been notified of The possibility of such damages.

Item Fourteen: Legal Liability:

The information, recommendations, services or any of them provided to you on or through the website, service, and platform are for general information purposes only and do not represent any advice. As far as possible, EMedGate will maintain and update the site and the platform and its contents, but does not guarantee that the contents of the website or platform are free from errors, defects, malware and viruses and does not guarantee the accuracy, accuracy and updating of the website and the platform. 

EMedGate is not liable for any damages resulting from the use (or inability to use) the site or platform, including damage caused by malware or viruses, nor assumes responsibility for the incorrect or incomplete information, website or platform, unless This damage is caused by intentional misconduct or gross negligence by EMedGate.

The quality of the services required by using the entire platform or service is the responsibility of the "reseller" service provider that ultimately provides service to you. Under no circumstances shall I accept any liability for or arising out of the Services provided by the Supplier and shall not accept liability for any acts, conduct, conduct, negligence, or all of the above, by the Supplier. Therefore, any complaints about the Services should Submit it to the supplier.

Item Fifteen: Amendment of Services:

EMedGate reserves the right, at its sole discretion, at any time to:

  • Change the Services or any related materials; and/or stop the deployment of its services.
  • If EMedGate decides to discontinue the deployment of its services or the services of any service provider, it may voluntarily replace the Services with other similar materials.

Item Sixteen: Limitations Of Liability :

EMedGate Makes No Warranties, Express Or Implied, In connection with the Services, All Provided "AS IS". To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company disclaims all warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, appropriate to certain specifications and markets, and the enforceability of proprietary rights to sell, and Imeedaq does not guarantee the accuracy, content, or timeliness of the Services Or results that the Services User may or may not have. In no event shall EMedGate, its agents, licensors or affiliates be liable for direct or indirect damages, penalties, special damages or incidental or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, Business loss, loss of business information or other financial losses) arising directly or indirectly from access to and use (or failure to use) or rely on.

Item Seventeen: Safety:

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the privacy of the Services and are solely responsible for their use by anyone else using your account and/or username, password or access credentials. You agree to notify Imeedaq if you become aware of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of any password, username, IP address, or other access to the Services.

Item Eighteen: Transactions with third parties:

While using the Website, Platform, and Service, you may from time to time provide links to third-party owned and controlled websites for third parties to buy, purchase products or services from, or participate in, promotional offers. These links move you to an off-site, platform, and service, which is beyond the control of EMedGate.

While using the Website, Platform, and Service, you may correspond or purchase services or participate in promotions from service providers, advertisers or sponsors offering their goods or services through the Website or Platform,Elag is not responsible for the content of these offers. It is provided as it is between the service provider and the customer. You must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each offer from the platform and understand its terms and benefits well before purchasing. Elag's responsibility is to carry out the payment only.

Any sale or purchase through the EMedGate platform will be made between the seller and the buyer without any interference from Imidqit. Therefore, the contract will be direct between the parties and subject to the conditions agreed between them in the sale. "EMedGate" shall not be an agent or representative of the seller in this case.

While using the Website, Platform, and Service, you may communicate or purchase goods or services or participate in promotions from service providers, advertisers or sponsors offering their goods or services through a link to the Website. These links take you to the off-site, platform, and service, which is beyond Elag's control. Websites that you can link to have separate terms and conditions as well as a separate privacy policy. EMedGate assumes no liability for the content and activities of those websites and can not be held accountable for them. Therefore, you bear all risks arising from visiting or accessing such sites.

Please note that these other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect their data or request personal information, and we recommend that you check the terms of use or privacy policies on those sites before using them.

Item Nineteen: Duration and Termination of the Contract:

The contract between you and an EMedGate is indefinite. You may terminate the contract at any time by permanently deleting the platform on your smartphone, thereby disrupting your use of the Platform and the Service. You can close your user account at any time.
EMedGate may terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time (by disabling your use of the Platform and the Service) if you: (a) violate or breach any of the User's Terms; (b) you believe that you have misused the platform or service. Imidqit is not obliged to send notice of termination of the contract.

Item Twenty: The invalidity of one or more judgments:

The invalidity of any provision of the User's Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of the other provisions contained therein.
In the event of any invalid provision in the terms of the user in question or the existence of an unacceptable provision in certain circumstances in accordance with the criteria of reasonableness and justice and to such extent only, it shall be used in its place between the parties by a provision acceptable to all circumstances and in conformity with the provisions of the false clause to the extent possible, The intended user and their purpose.

Item Twenty-One: Service modification and user terms: 

EMedGate reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, replace, alter, suspend or discontinue any of the User's terms or conditions (including but not limited to the provision of any feature, database or content) in any Time, by posting a notice on the Site or by sending notice to you through the Service, Platform or via email. EMedGate may not restrict access to certain features or services or restrict access to parts of the entire Service or Service without notice or liability.

Item Twenty-Two:  Notification:

EMedGate may not send a notification by sending a general notice about the service or platform, or by sending an email to your registered email address in your email account information or by sending a regular mail address to your registered address in your account information at EMedGate.

Item Twenty- Three: Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution:

The terms of the applicable User shall be governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be applied in the settlement of any dispute, claim or dispute arising out of or relating to the terms of the user in question, any violation thereof, termination, implementation, interpretation, to her.

to contact us:
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